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Federal Construction Expert Doug Reitmeyer is the founder of GC Experts: Workshops and Tools for Federal Construction Professionals. Doug is a national federal contractor with over 30 years experience and $100 Billion in government contracts.

Looking to get started in Federal Construction? Get started with Doug’s first blog post:http://reitmeyer.com/getting-started-with-federal-construction/

We also have great tools for Federal Construction Professionals at our home site, https://GCExperts.com

Professional Tools for Federal Construction Experts

Ready to get started with our custom bidding tools? Check out BidTrakker at http://bidtrakker.gcexperts.us/.

BidTrakker, a system developed in 1989 by Doug Reitmeyer, allows government construction contractors to easily and quickly find jobs to bid, typically in less than 5 minutes a day! Designed to digitize the paper-based system of the Government’s Commerce Business Daily, it has evolved into an incredible tool that gives a concise view of upcoming construction opportunities. Additionally, it can be used to monitor other contractor’s bids and bid-amounts.  For YEARS this system remained a trade secret and enabled Doug and his client companies to make INCREDIBLE profits on over 300 federally-funded construction contracts. For a limited time only YOU can preview the BidTrakker system.  Enter your information to receive a sample BidTrakker report! Watch The Videos!

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