Top Ten Reasons To Attend the Federal Construction Summit

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Federal ConstructionSummit

  1. KNOWLEDGE — You’ll learn from the industry’s top experts the most important “insider secrets” that will make your business run smoother and more profitably than ever before.
  2. PASSION — You’ll be in a non-competitive environment, sharing knowledge with your peer group, making contacts with the people that know the federal construction business inside and out. These are the people that inspire and make “enthusiasm” contagious.
  3. PERFORMANCE – You deserve to learn from the best and take that new knowledge to rebuild your business to a whole new level.
  4. DISCOVERY — You’ll gain fresh ideas and a new perspective that will bring innovation and creativity to your organization.
  5. INSPIRATION – You’ll hear stories from the likes of Jeff Van Note, famous Falcon football player, that will move you to act!
  6. CONNECTIONS – The industry thought leaders from all around the country will be here for you to interact with, share insights and set yourself up for future collaborations.
  7. LEADERSHIP – Be here because new skills and knowledge you’ll gain will help build the construction leader in you and give you the tools to motivate your team to produce extraordinary results.
  8. MOTIVATION – Our EXPERTS will inspire you and stimulate your own incredible creative ideas to take back and make the changes that will raise your business level of performance.
  9. GROWTH – This event will expand your world both personally and professionally.
  10. GIVEAWAYS – There will be special offers to future events and sponsorships given away during the Summit event that you won’t want to miss out on!


The Federal Construction Summit will be on October 24, 2013 in Atlanta, GA at the Sheraton Hotel. Click here to register now.