Want Federal Contracts? Just THREE THINGS to Know . . .

Simple question: ARE YOU seriously interested in discovering new and better ways to use your business to create a better lifestyle?

If your answer is YES, there is no easier or better way to do it than with federal contracts.

But to be successful, with no frustration, you should know 3 things…

  1. Where to find highly profitable contracts, the kind that you can do fast and bank the profits.
  2. How to get them and turn them into money-makers by completing them rapidly and with a high margin.
  3. How to ALWAYS be 100% in control of the project and the money.

In our 3-day, high-intensity “Advanced Federal Contracts” Workshop, we address these points by:

  1. showing exactly where these unique contracts are hidden.  Then we teach the use of proprietary technology that gives you this information in a special “fast reading” format such that it will never take more than five minutes a day to fully understand where the highest paying opportunities are.
  2. providing unique scripts designed to turn opportunities into negotiations that become highly profitable contracts. These scripts have been perfected over the past 40 years from real world experiences of federal contracting.  They are so effective that they generated millions of dollars of government contract awards, many with little or no competition!
  3. by teaching the  necessity of having complete control from start to finish.  From scheduling, to the performance, negotiating change orders, closing out the contract and even the 1 year warranty period.

As long as you give the government control . . .  there will be unimaginable problems.  Generally, bureaucrats do not like making decisions. And when they have to, they do not and WILL NEVER HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST in their plans!  If you don’t maintain control, it will cost you money, time and frustration at best; at worst, you could be crushed out of business.

I’m no genius. I had no background or formal construction business training. 100% of my knowledge is from the school of hard knocks; working in the trenches for 10 to 14 hours a day, for weeks in a row with no time off for friends or family.  It took 25 hellacious years before things really started to ‘click‘. By 1997, I had completed 500 federal contracts. In the next 10 years, I did another 500 federal contracts with ease; enjoying lots of vacations and an incredible lifestyle, all funded with highly profitable government contracts.


Did you notice that one of their big takeaways was that they learned the scripts to maintain total control of every construction contract from the start of negotiations through award and completion?


Well, I don’t know you well enough, to give a definitive answer. That’s why there’s no place on our website where you can invest in a ticket to the Workshop. However, if you have at least 5 years experience running a construction related business, and you really want to know the fastest and best way to be highly successful AND you have a strong desire to do whatever it takes to be the best and enjoy the rewards of your study and knowledge, then there’s no reason that you can’t join the successful members of our exclusive network that spans New York to Hawaii, Florida to Alaska and most places in between.  Yes, almost anyone that has the need and desire can learn from experts how to really create a thriving business by working for and with our government.

Decide TODAY if you should be asking to join us.

See what contractors are saying about the Workshop.   https://gcexperts.com/workshops

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Top Ten Reasons To Attend the Federal Construction Summit

Federal ConstructionSummit

  1. KNOWLEDGE — You’ll learn from the industry’s top experts the most important “insider secrets” that will make your business run smoother and more profitably than ever before.
  2. PASSION — You’ll be in a non-competitive environment, sharing knowledge with your peer group, making contacts with the people that know the federal construction business inside and out. These are the people that inspire and make “enthusiasm” contagious.
  3. PERFORMANCE – You deserve to learn from the best and take that new knowledge to rebuild your business to a whole new level.
  4. DISCOVERY — You’ll gain fresh ideas and a new perspective that will bring innovation and creativity to your organization.
  5. INSPIRATION – You’ll hear stories from the likes of Jeff Van Note, famous Falcon football player, that will move you to act!
  6. CONNECTIONS – The industry thought leaders from all around the country will be here for you to interact with, share insights and set yourself up for future collaborations.
  7. LEADERSHIP – Be here because new skills and knowledge you’ll gain will help build the construction leader in you and give you the tools to motivate your team to produce extraordinary results.
  8. MOTIVATION – Our EXPERTS will inspire you and stimulate your own incredible creative ideas to take back and make the changes that will raise your business level of performance.
  9. GROWTH – This event will expand your world both personally and professionally.
  10. GIVEAWAYS – There will be special offers to future events and sponsorships given away during the Summit event that you won’t want to miss out on!


The Federal Construction Summit will be on October 24, 2013 in Atlanta, GA at the Sheraton Hotel. Click here to register now.

7 Ways to Get Federal Contracts

Contracting with local, state, or federal government agencies can be lucrative for small companies. Particularly valuable in uncertain economic times, government contracts can provide you with stable customers, prompt payment, and—often—a pipeline of repeat business. Some common tips for getting federal contracts may include:

Find a Counselor. They can help you break into the federal contracting business, and usually their services are free.

Be Proactive. Don’t wait for the government to come to you, because they never will. Know where to search for government contracts and bid for them. You can use databases to research contracts up for bid.

Know Your Stuff. Knowing the ins and outs of your own business and knowing your strengths will help set you apart from your competitors. You should know your competitors too, and how to reach overhead to grab attention. Know all the paperwork. Don’t lose bids because you forgot to sign a page or didn’t fax the right requests. You should always be familiar with any administrative paperwork you are handling so that you win your contracts, have everything documented correctly, and get paid for the work you do.

Network and Build Relationships. It certainly helps to know the right people–who to ask for more information, where to get insider information, who to track down when something goes wrong. Networking with the right people can be strategic for your business and help you win more contracts, but building relationships will also help improve your business reputation. Having recommendations from specific people can boost your credibility and visibility. Beware, though, building relationships with the wrong people can be detrimental.

This quick video reveals EXACTLY the ways Doug Reitmeyer used these tips to build his own empire to bid and negotiate more than 1,000 federal contracts, over $1 Billion worth of them.
If you are serious about profitable growth, pick up the phone and call Doug at 512-750-2677.  Ask how you can get your fair share of this $300 Billion/year market. He’s in the business of helping you get it.

10 Questions Designed To MOTIVATE You to Become a National Federal Contractor

natfedcontIt’s a fact that the most prosperous U. S. construction companies grew with highly profitable federal contracts.  Each of them, without exception, brought in “experts” to teach them the “insider secrets”, the rules and the “exceptions” to the rules, that gave them the competitive advantage that they needed to trounce the competition.

Now, for a limited time, you can get access to the same “superior knowledge” that is not available anywhere else.  Look over the attachments, including the handwritten “after Workshop” reviews from our last event, read the following questions and draw your own conclusions.  This will help you make the right decision . . .

1. Did you know the U.S. gov’t owns and maintains 900,000+ buildings?

2. Have you considered that our gov’t spends more than $300 Billion in repairs and replacement of tens of thousands of roofs, HVAC and Electrical Systems and other construction services every year?

3. Were you aware 98.7% of specialty contractors have not registered at www.SAM.gov and are therefore not qualified to get federal contracts?

4. Did you know that 97.3% of general contractors are not registered or qualified to get federal contracts and that most of those that are registered, do not really know how to bid or get the projects available?

5. Have you read “Show me the Money” as published in Commercial Construction Magazine?


6. Are you aware that in the next 120 days, over $87 Billion of federal contracts will be awarded to repair and replace roofs, HVAC, electrical and other construction services in the U.S.?

7. Have you considered that less than 2% of the licensed contractors will be bidding on that $87 Billion worth of construction services?

8. Will you get the best federal construction expert to teach your team how to get highly profitable federal contracts before your competitors do?

9. Do you understand that the fastest way to increase profits is to get more highly profitable contracts from the organization that makes construction payments monthly, and by law, within 14 days of receipt of approved invoice?

10. Are you willing to make a “no risk” investment and get a 100% guaranteed ROI and increase your market share of the federal roofing, electrical, HVAC and construction services business?

Details on the next 3-day Advanced Federal Contracting LIVE EVENT:  https://gcexperts.com/workshops

(there are only three tickets available, so if this is important, call today)

If you are serious about profitable growth, pick up the phone and call Doug at 512-750-2677.  Ask how you can get your fair share of this $300 Billion/year market. He’s in the business of helping you get it.

PS – See what ENR Magazine Bond Columnist and AGC member/trainer Mike Hill said about the Advanced Federal Contracting Workshop:


Communicating to Win


The most successful construction businesses carefully script their strategies and tactics the same as the best football coaches skillfully plan the moves their players will be making on the field.

Results follow the planning and execution.  If you are not winning all the contracts you want, consider seriously diving into studying business systems, marketing, strategies, tactics and then adjust the scripts that you and your employees are using to communicate each part of your game plan.

To start with, your business should have three separate systems that need to function together to continuously win new business for your company:


How you present your business in the market will determine the type of clients that you’ll be attracting. If you are known as the “cheapest game in town”, be prepared to have to cut corners and explain why it may be taking longer to ‘get the job done’ or why they are not getting the best end product. When selling ‘cheap’, your scripts and messages will necessarily be designed to equate value with a low price. If you’re focus is on the high end of the market, aka the “Rolls Royce” model, plan on delivering to a very sophisticated and demanding clientele. When selling ‘highest quality and speed of completion’, your messages and scripts will be trying to convey that value is related to quality and timeliness.

In the opening game, you’ll first follow up with ‘suspects’ – the people that are in your target market. With ‘suspects’, the message is designed to get them to visit with you or your team or come by and meet at your facility. Suspects that become ‘prospects’ are the people who have clearly indicated that they have a need and may even have an interest in doing business with you.


Here’s where you are getting signed contracts, aka “closing deals” and delivering what you promised in your opening move. There are a lot of selling and negotiating training systems and scripts that will help in getting contracts. The more you study and practice using them, the more profitable deals you’ll close.

It’s been said that people ‘buy emotionally’ and justify their purchases intellectually.  Like in a powerfully emotional scene in a movie, the scripts that you learn to use will be your tools to close your deals.

Ongoing project testimonials can be powerfully effective for both marketing and closing. Use lots of photographs and videos showing a clean and safe jobsite and tell your successful project stories on your website and in any printed materials such as brochures.

You’re using these as tools to convey the message that your business has systems that provide a superior delivery process that is exceeding customer expectations.

3)  The End Game – SHOWING RESULTS

When putting proposals together to get federal contracts, you’ll need to list recent and relevant, similar completed projects.  Government evaluators will be using references from those and other resources to determine how you will rank in their system of determining who is going to get a contract award.

After each project you’ve completed, be able to demonstrate that your business met or exceeded your customer’s level of expectation. Then use that as a new tool to develop new business with them and/or as a nurturing tool get referrals.

At the end of each of your projects, you’ll want clients that will be roving ambassadors that will endorse the high value that you delivered to them.

Each of these three parts of your business planning should include multiple forms of follow up to be sure that you are getting the results you desire.  For each of these, you’ll want to continuously refine the scripts that will psychologically shift any potential client into believing that your business is the one that they want to have doing their next project.

Do this for each of these parts of your business and you’ll be richly rewarded with more business and higher margin contracts!

Over my 35+ year career of completing more than a thousand federal contracts, many of them were without competition. Sometimes it was because I was the only bidder and others resulted from the customer predetermining that I was the one that they wanted. Nothing is preventing you from doing the same.


Fourth Circuit Drastically Extends Statute of Limitations for False Claims Act Actions – Contractors Appeal to Supreme Court

4th CircuitBy: Michael H. Payne & Maria L. Panichelli

The False Claims Act (“FCA”) is a law that contractors must take very seriously.  What many contractors fail to realize is that the reach of the FCA goes beyond the filing of fraudulent contract claims.  In fact, it seems as though the government is actually searching to find new and interesting theories of application.  This time, however, the Fourth Circuit might have pushed the expansion of the act a little too far, as the contractors damaged in a recent case are now attempting to appeal the Court’s decision to the Supreme Court.

On June 24, 2013, Halliburton and KBR, Inc. petitioned the Supreme Court, asking the Court to review the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit’s March 18, 2013 opinion in United States ex rel. Carter v. Halliburton.  The Halliburton case involved an individual who was employed by a government contractor, which was engaged to build water purification units at two Iraqi camps.  This employee ultimately initiated a qui tam action, alleging that his government contractor-employer engaged in various forms of misconduct in violation of the FCA, including improper and fictitious billing of the government.  If true, the contractor could be subject to very substantial penalties.  However, because the employee-plaintiff filed his qui tam action after the six year limitations period imposed by the FCA (31 U.S.C. § 3731(b)) had run, the District Court dismissed the complaint as untimely.

In overturning the District Court ruling, the Fourth Circuit found that the Wartime Suspension of Limitations Act (“WLSA”) tolled the statute of limitations applicable to FCA qui tam actions while the Country is at war, and for an additional five years after.  The Court further held that the WLSA tolled the statute of limitations even when the government declined to intervene in a qui tam case.  Reasoning that the goal of the WLSA was to root out all fraud perpetrated against the United States during times of war, the Court concluded that WLSA served to toll the statute of limitations for “all offenses involving fraud against the United States.”

The take away lesson here is that, unless and until the Supreme Court overturns this decision, the statute of limitations for all FCA actions has been drastically extended.  Because the Halliburton holding states that the WLSA tolls the statute of limitations not only during wartime, but for five years aftercontractors are looking at limitations periods that will not expire until long after the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have concluded.  That is true even for those claims that arose in the first years of our overseas involvement.  In other words, contractors could remain vulnerable to potential FCA suits for many years into the future, even with respect to (mis)conduct that occurred at the beginning of the US’ Middle Eastern engagements, over 12 years ago.   Moreover, while the Halliburton case itself dealt with a qui tam claim, made in connection with a military-related contract, the broad language used in the opinion does not limit its holding to such cases.  Halliburton will likely be interpreted as suspending the statute of limitations period for all FCA claims brought during “wartime,” no matter the nature of the underlying contract.

In the wake of this decision, all contractors would be wise to take every possible precaution to avoid misconduct that is (or may become) actionable pursuant to the FCA. It is vital that contractors be aware of the FCA, and all of its expanding applications, and contractors should work with legal professionals to ensure that sufficient controls are in place to avoid any inadvertent FCA violations.

Michael H. Payne is the Chairman of the firm’s Federal Practice Group and, together with other experienced members of the group, frequently advises contractors on federal contracting matters including bid protests, claims and appeals, procurement issues, small business issues, and dispute resolution.  Maria L. Panichelli is an Associate in the firm’s Federal Practice Group. To view the original post click here.

One Thing

One Thing

It’s the “ONE THING” that “CHANGES EVERYTHING” and “COMMUNICATION” – Combined, these Form the Foundation to Creating Exceptional Results.  [ Part 1 of 2 ]

PART 1-A:  After starting Apple Computer in 1976, Steve Jobs was essentially fired by the Apple Board of Directors in 1985. It wasn’t until 1998 that Jobs came back, took control and saved Apple from bankruptcy.

Here’s the “ONE THING” that “CHANGED EVERYTHING” for Apple and YOU can use it as part of your foundation for creating faster growth, increasing profitability and getting you more time away from the business to enjoy those things that are most important to YOU:

Getting Rid of the Distractions and Focusing on the Real Opportunity.

When Steve Jobs came back to Apple, he terminated projects known as “Newton”, “Cyberdog” and “OpenDoc”, and forced the MacIntosh clone makers out of business. Then he focused his resources on the iMac and the iTunes/iPod, which became the basis for the iPhone, “Invention of the Year – 2007” and the iPad.

Yes, the 1 thing that changes everything is getting rid of ALL the lesser opportunities and distractions.  DECIDE NOW TO FOCUS ON JUST “1 THING” – the 1 thing that will, when accomplished, lead to the next 1 most important thing that will make all the difference between where you are now and where you want to be.

PART 1-B:  In the late 1960’s, two PhD human communication researchers, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, developed what we now call NLP or neurolingistic programming. Popularized by Tony Robbins, NLP was based on the simple principle that “Communication is defined by the response that it gets.”

Thus, the burden of fully 100% of the response of any relationship outcome is on the person that initiates the communication.

Now for business purposes, let’s meld these two concepts together:  Planning Communication based on the outcome you want and Focus on the 1 thing that is the most important thing, so that it gets your full attention.

Putting (A) and (B) together will make all the difference in the result.  It’s what enabled us to grow 100% in revenues and profits year over year in the federal construction business for 9 years running.

This concludes Part 1 of 2. In Part 2 of 2, you’ll discover the 1 secret about the type of contract that can deliver the same kind of results for you – triple digit growth in any economy.


Thanks for stopping by and please take a few minutes to watch the brief video “7 Ways to Get Federal Contracts” and sign up to get on our list of valuable government construction market insights.



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Iron Man Marketing: Techniques Revealed

Iron Man Marketing: Techniques Revealed

How to Become Bullet-Proof in Today’s Economy



In order to compete in today’s economy you must be perceived as substantially different than your competition. You need something that gets you a “Competitive Advantage” over the other players in your chosen market.



At this exclusive seminar event you and your peers will learn the leading business techniques to develop a strategic plan, marketing plan and how to integrate them into a formal business plan designed for profitable growth and market domination.  Jack Welsh said that in order to compete and succeed, you must design your business plan to be # 1 or # 2 in your market. Here’s where you’ll discover exactly what it takes to do so.

This exclusive event is designed for construction CEOs, presidents and business development executives who have a competitive spirit, strive to be the best and have a strong desire to be #1 in their market. This 2-day seminar is designed to provide the training, tools, templates and technologies that will substantially improve your operational performance and bottom-line profits. You will leave with a bulletproof vest on, knowing that you can trounce the competition by strategically out-maneuvering them.
Where: Austin, TX
When: May 15-16, 2013
This event is presented by our industry’s top two marketing, strategy and business development mavens, Ron McKenzie and Larry Silver. These guys have collectively consulted with several hundred construction companies and helped them substantially increase their business revenues and profits.  They bring more than 70 years of combined construction business experience to this live training event.

CLICK HERE for More Information:


I’ll be there as a coach and participant, particularly for those contractors that want to utilize this training to further penetrate the federal construction market.
Doug Reitmeyer, Federal Construction Expert and Consultant
Co-founder: Federal Construction Magazine


Advanced Federal Contracts Training Workshop

Advanced Federal Contracts Training Workshop


“Construction” is at the top of business types that drive humans crazy.
Contractors face huge difficulties. First they have to find and get profitable contracts in a hyper-competitive market. Then there are the risks of finding the right materials and workers that can do the actual construction work. Finally, contractors must get paid by clients that have a long list of excuses why they can’t, shouldn’t or refuse to pay the agreed amount.
If you’ve suffered, you’ll be glad to know that there is another way of being in this business – without the headaches.While most contractors struggle, a lot of federal contractors are thriving with highly profitable projects; and they never have to worry about getting paid.
Federal Construction Workers
First: There is a lot of available work, but most never see it because of how they think about their market. Local plumbing companies are competing against the other plumbers and the same is true for GC’s, HVAC contractors and everyone else. However, if you change from thinking “local” to joining a national organization you can get construction contracts anywhere in the country. That is how I grew multiple companies from start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises in just a few short years.
The business of building, remodeling, re-roofing, running utilities, painting, whatever it is that you do, is taking place every day all across the country. And there is plenty of profitable work as proven by the fact that there were 17 construction companies on the 2012 “Inc. 500” list of fastest growing companies in America.Although only 4 of the 17 on that list did it by focusing on the federal market, 100% of the “TOP TEN” US Contractors became huge because they embraced Uncle Sam as their #1 client.
Second: The Federal Market is MASSIVE! Whereas the total US construction market approaches $1 trillion, between 27% and 31% are federal projects. Our government owns and maintains more than 900,000 buildings, so just roof and HVAC replacements are in the thousands every year.
Third: Uncle Sam HAS THE MONEY! The “fiscal cliff” will not affect any of the construction contracts that are in place, and will only delay for a short period of time, a small percentage of contracts that have not been awarded. Maintenance work has to be done – filters need replacement, dilapidated structures must be torn down and each agency must continue to function. They all need services that you can perform.
Fourth: People in the Government are employed to pay contractors with “our money”! In fact, the Prompt Payment Act specifically requires agencies to make progress payments in full within 14 days of an approved invoice.Here’s your one opportunity, right now, to accelerate the growth of your business by calling and asking how you can get into the “Advanced Federal Construction Training” Workshop that starts NEXT WEEK!That’s right, you only have 7 days to get to Austin. On Tuesday, March 5 the Workshop starts at 8 am and will go for 10 hours straight – lunch is furnished and we work right through it. Then we’ll do it again on Weds and finish up around 2 pm on Thursday leaving the afternoon and Friday open to focus on getting you highly profitable federal contracts.

Give me a call today if you are serious about growing your business in this economy.

I’ll be here for you, Doug Reitmeyer, Email doug@gcexperts.com, Phone (512) 750-2677

Results:  www.GCExperts.com/workshops  for more information and to get you started on a new road to success in the federal construction market.

The “Fiscal Cliff” – And the crystal ball says . . .

The “Fiscal Cliff” – And the crystal ball says . . .

A respected Government consultant asked, “What does your crystal ball say about federal construction spending, internal agency memos that say to put contracts on hold, and the fact that Uncle Sam has put a stop on civilian hires for the past 30 days?”

Fiscal Cliff

Let’s look at the facts:

There’s no crystal ball, but from experience, it won’t affect current projects that are already funded. And if a stop work order is issued on any current contract, that would be a de facto admission of liability, and responsibility to pay extended overhead costs plus profit.

If you can, avoid a “Work Suspension” because that would prevent profit from being added to your extended overhead costs.

The federal government is the largest land and resource holder with total assets of over $100 trillion, so the debt of $16 trillion can be handled a number of ways. The real problem is that while politicians are gifted with a well refined “ability to manipulate” public perceptions, they have not demonstrated an inclination to make “the business of government” fiscally responsible.

Consider that everything goes through cycles. Just like the weather, the financing of government responsibilities are somewhat predictable in the short term, but not so in the long-term. By historic reflection, there are cycles, and the cycles themselves are always changing.

Hiring freezes can only last so long because there is a natural attrition rate, retirements, deaths, etc. However, the functions of government rely on people that have to do what the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) requires of their respective agencies. Most people don’t realize that there are more than 450 federal government agencies that employ more than 2 million civilians in the Executive branch alone!

Your comments, questions, suggestions, thoughts and critiques are always welcome. Visit our blog for more. And if you are search for a “Success Blueprint” in the federal market, see what contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers are saying about this one: https://gcexperts.com/workshops
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