One Thing

One Thing

It’s the “ONE THING” that “CHANGES EVERYTHING” and “COMMUNICATION” – Combined, these Form the Foundation to Creating Exceptional Results.  [ Part 1 of 2 ]

PART 1-A:  After starting Apple Computer in 1976, Steve Jobs was essentially fired by the Apple Board of Directors in 1985. It wasn’t until 1998 that Jobs came back, took control and saved Apple from bankruptcy.

Here’s the “ONE THING” that “CHANGED EVERYTHING” for Apple and YOU can use it as part of your foundation for creating faster growth, increasing profitability and getting you more time away from the business to enjoy those things that are most important to YOU:

Getting Rid of the Distractions and Focusing on the Real Opportunity.

When Steve Jobs came back to Apple, he terminated projects known as “Newton”, “Cyberdog” and “OpenDoc”, and forced the MacIntosh clone makers out of business. Then he focused his resources on the iMac and the iTunes/iPod, which became the basis for the iPhone, “Invention of the Year – 2007” and the iPad.

Yes, the 1 thing that changes everything is getting rid of ALL the lesser opportunities and distractions.  DECIDE NOW TO FOCUS ON JUST “1 THING” – the 1 thing that will, when accomplished, lead to the next 1 most important thing that will make all the difference between where you are now and where you want to be.

PART 1-B:  In the late 1960’s, two PhD human communication researchers, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, developed what we now call NLP or neurolingistic programming. Popularized by Tony Robbins, NLP was based on the simple principle that “Communication is defined by the response that it gets.”

Thus, the burden of fully 100% of the response of any relationship outcome is on the person that initiates the communication.

Now for business purposes, let’s meld these two concepts together:  Planning Communication based on the outcome you want and Focus on the 1 thing that is the most important thing, so that it gets your full attention.

Putting (A) and (B) together will make all the difference in the result.  It’s what enabled us to grow 100% in revenues and profits year over year in the federal construction business for 9 years running.

This concludes Part 1 of 2. In Part 2 of 2, you’ll discover the 1 secret about the type of contract that can deliver the same kind of results for you – triple digit growth in any economy.


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Iron Man Marketing: Techniques Revealed

Iron Man Marketing: Techniques Revealed

How to Become Bullet-Proof in Today’s Economy



In order to compete in today’s economy you must be perceived as substantially different than your competition. You need something that gets you a “Competitive Advantage” over the other players in your chosen market.



At this exclusive seminar event you and your peers will learn the leading business techniques to develop a strategic plan, marketing plan and how to integrate them into a formal business plan designed for profitable growth and market domination.  Jack Welsh said that in order to compete and succeed, you must design your business plan to be # 1 or # 2 in your market. Here’s where you’ll discover exactly what it takes to do so.

This exclusive event is designed for construction CEOs, presidents and business development executives who have a competitive spirit, strive to be the best and have a strong desire to be #1 in their market. This 2-day seminar is designed to provide the training, tools, templates and technologies that will substantially improve your operational performance and bottom-line profits. You will leave with a bulletproof vest on, knowing that you can trounce the competition by strategically out-maneuvering them.
Where: Austin, TX
When: May 15-16, 2013
This event is presented by our industry’s top two marketing, strategy and business development mavens, Ron McKenzie and Larry Silver. These guys have collectively consulted with several hundred construction companies and helped them substantially increase their business revenues and profits.  They bring more than 70 years of combined construction business experience to this live training event.

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I’ll be there as a coach and participant, particularly for those contractors that want to utilize this training to further penetrate the federal construction market.
Doug Reitmeyer, Federal Construction Expert and Consultant
Co-founder: Federal Construction Magazine


Advanced Federal Contracts Training Workshop

Advanced Federal Contracts Training Workshop


“Construction” is at the top of business types that drive humans crazy.
Contractors face huge difficulties. First they have to find and get profitable contracts in a hyper-competitive market. Then there are the risks of finding the right materials and workers that can do the actual construction work. Finally, contractors must get paid by clients that have a long list of excuses why they can’t, shouldn’t or refuse to pay the agreed amount.
If you’ve suffered, you’ll be glad to know that there is another way of being in this business – without the headaches.While most contractors struggle, a lot of federal contractors are thriving with highly profitable projects; and they never have to worry about getting paid.
Federal Construction Workers
First: There is a lot of available work, but most never see it because of how they think about their market. Local plumbing companies are competing against the other plumbers and the same is true for GC’s, HVAC contractors and everyone else. However, if you change from thinking “local” to joining a national organization you can get construction contracts anywhere in the country. That is how I grew multiple companies from start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises in just a few short years.
The business of building, remodeling, re-roofing, running utilities, painting, whatever it is that you do, is taking place every day all across the country. And there is plenty of profitable work as proven by the fact that there were 17 construction companies on the 2012 “Inc. 500” list of fastest growing companies in America.Although only 4 of the 17 on that list did it by focusing on the federal market, 100% of the “TOP TEN” US Contractors became huge because they embraced Uncle Sam as their #1 client.
Second: The Federal Market is MASSIVE! Whereas the total US construction market approaches $1 trillion, between 27% and 31% are federal projects. Our government owns and maintains more than 900,000 buildings, so just roof and HVAC replacements are in the thousands every year.
Third: Uncle Sam HAS THE MONEY! The “fiscal cliff” will not affect any of the construction contracts that are in place, and will only delay for a short period of time, a small percentage of contracts that have not been awarded. Maintenance work has to be done – filters need replacement, dilapidated structures must be torn down and each agency must continue to function. They all need services that you can perform.
Fourth: People in the Government are employed to pay contractors with “our money”! In fact, the Prompt Payment Act specifically requires agencies to make progress payments in full within 14 days of an approved invoice.Here’s your one opportunity, right now, to accelerate the growth of your business by calling and asking how you can get into the “Advanced Federal Construction Training” Workshop that starts NEXT WEEK!That’s right, you only have 7 days to get to Austin. On Tuesday, March 5 the Workshop starts at 8 am and will go for 10 hours straight – lunch is furnished and we work right through it. Then we’ll do it again on Weds and finish up around 2 pm on Thursday leaving the afternoon and Friday open to focus on getting you highly profitable federal contracts.

Give me a call today if you are serious about growing your business in this economy.

I’ll be here for you, Doug Reitmeyer, Email, Phone (512) 750-2677

Results:  for more information and to get you started on a new road to success in the federal construction market.

The “Fiscal Cliff” – And the crystal ball says . . .

The “Fiscal Cliff” – And the crystal ball says . . .

A respected Government consultant asked, “What does your crystal ball say about federal construction spending, internal agency memos that say to put contracts on hold, and the fact that Uncle Sam has put a stop on civilian hires for the past 30 days?”

Fiscal Cliff

Let’s look at the facts:

There’s no crystal ball, but from experience, it won’t affect current projects that are already funded. And if a stop work order is issued on any current contract, that would be a de facto admission of liability, and responsibility to pay extended overhead costs plus profit.

If you can, avoid a “Work Suspension” because that would prevent profit from being added to your extended overhead costs.

The federal government is the largest land and resource holder with total assets of over $100 trillion, so the debt of $16 trillion can be handled a number of ways. The real problem is that while politicians are gifted with a well refined “ability to manipulate” public perceptions, they have not demonstrated an inclination to make “the business of government” fiscally responsible.

Consider that everything goes through cycles. Just like the weather, the financing of government responsibilities are somewhat predictable in the short term, but not so in the long-term. By historic reflection, there are cycles, and the cycles themselves are always changing.

Hiring freezes can only last so long because there is a natural attrition rate, retirements, deaths, etc. However, the functions of government rely on people that have to do what the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) requires of their respective agencies. Most people don’t realize that there are more than 450 federal government agencies that employ more than 2 million civilians in the Executive branch alone!

Your comments, questions, suggestions, thoughts and critiques are always welcome. Visit our blog for more. And if you are search for a “Success Blueprint” in the federal market, see what contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers are saying about this one:
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Doug Reitmeyer

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My mission is to help others find incredible success in federal construction.

Federal Construction Contracts: “TOP TEN” Things to know about your customer . . . (Part 1 of 2)

Federal Construction Contracts: “TOP TEN” Things to know about your customer . . . (Part 1 of 2)

Federal Construction Contracts – What you Don’t Know about Your Customer

With federal construction contracts, it’s been said that no one wants to be sold, but everyone loves to buy.  This is particularly true in today’s environment when the pressure is on sales people to get the orders, almost no matter the cost.

And if you are in the construction business, it’s tougher than ever.  You’ve got employees and overhead that must be covered and a dwindling pool of cash-paying customers.  When that happens in any economy, all sectors, and even the federal sector, get an influx of opportunists trying to take jobs away from the ‘good old boy’ network of incumbents.

To overcome these market driven problems requires something more than “what was working before”.  You need a strategy, a plan, goals and methods to achieve them, including going back to the fundamental principles of business success.


Knowing How to Script

In the Advanced Federal Construction Training Workshops, we spend a great deal of time with what is called “scripting”.  If you know ahead of time what your buyer is going to say, and you know exactly the right response that will cause them to award you the contract, you are miles ahead of the guessing competition.

This is a list of the first five of the “TOP TEN” questions that are utilized to engage a buyer.  Without our Workshop training, you’ll have to figure out the best way to present the questions and elicit the response you want.

First – Recognize the age old truism, “Everyone is waiting for someone to tell them what to do.”  The problem is that they will only accept direction from a trusted source.  Even our President, after his miserable performance at the first debate was looking to his team to tell him what to change so that he could win re-election.  He knew that if he performed as badly at the 2nd debate as he did at the first one, we might have had our first Mormon President in the White House.

2nd – In federal construction, you need to know the customer priorities.  What has to happen?, why? and when?, are the questions that will lead to an understanding of what priorities have been set in the customer’s mind and the reason that you’ve been granted access to influence a decision-maker.

3rd – You also need to know: What the customer thinks his priorities are, may not be what they should be.  An example is within the story of my friend Scott after he was summoned by the VP of Kohl’s, whose plan it was to finance new marketing initiatives by demanding that it’s vendors lower their prices.  You can read the whole posting, “THREE GREAT LESSONS FROM A MASTER” and learn about how Scott convinced the VP that the VP had been focusing on the wrong thing.

4th – What are the potential client’s alternatives? You may not think about this much, but the fact is that 50% of the customers you get in front of can decide not to decide, at least for now.  If you are not prepared to create a sense of urgency on their part, you may leave the client frustrated because the issue is still on their “to do” list.

5th – Is there a story behind the process that your customer is willing to share?  On a NASA contract, our federal construction contract bid was $317,000 higher than Chicago Bridge & Iron (CBI), a multi-billion public corporation.  The story behind the decision to pay the extra money was that CBI had included a 12-month schedule with their proposal while ours was shown at 9 months, a full 90 days sooner.

At a cost of $50,000 per day operational costs, it was a no-brainer; pay $317,000 to save $4.5 million on a $4 million contract.  Once the customer was convinced that the project could be completed in 9 months, they issued the contract within minutes.  Best part: The profit was more than $1.6 million.

Next week we’ll post Part 2 of 2 of the federal construction TOP TEN Things to know about your customer that can make a huge difference in the way you do business.

Until then, I’m Doug Reitmeyer and you can connect on LinkedIn here:

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(B) – In two weeks from today, we’ll have the next “Advanced Federal Construction Contracts Training” Workshop.  There is still one ticket available.  Carl Ballerino ( attended the late January Workshop and has already received his first federal contract award to repair a pump at Dyess AFB. He plans to start the project tomorrow.

See what your peers are saying about it here:

The Workshop is a transformational event for federal construction professionals, specifically designed to get you up and going in the federal construction market in the matter of just a few days.  Graduates have access to over $250,000 worth of training, tools, templates and technologies that have delivered, over the past 32 months, more than $340 million in highly profitable government contracts.

The Top 5 Experts in Federal Construction – Get them on your team!

The Top 5 Experts in Federal Construction – Get them on your team!

“TOP FIVE” EXPERTS in Federal Construction – Get them on your team! Please share YOUR favorite Industry Expert and tell us WHY we need them.

Madison Leeper has been doing research and talking with various contractors and experts. Here is her first try at delivering the results of her investigations. Please comment with your suggestion of the best federal construction experts you know and tell us why you recommend them.


As a business adviser to the construction industry since 1998, Doug has develop a proven step-by-step process (The Just Rewards Plan) to improve the profits of your construction company.  If your construction company is not making as much money as it should call Doug Phelps, 386-585-4624

Company website,

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Builder” here:


Travis Bontrager is an expert at creating and implementing online strategies for construction professionals which result in more construction projects for each client.  Travis is also the host of, BOSS Association, a Commercial Construction Web Show where he interviews construction industry experts from across the country.

Watch The Construction Web Show at
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Larry is a consultant that, when you bring him on-board, will help you develop a long-term business plan, will hold your feet to the plan and twist your arm to follow it. Wes Reeder ( was $5 million/yr and Larry has him at $20MM and on a continued growth curve. Larry’s proven model is to envision the future and then make it happen.

Connect with Larry here:
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Jacob has another unique approach as described at There are only a few tickets left to get into his annual conference – get your tickets here:

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Doug’s niche is the federal market – no one will get you a federal contract faster. He’s done over a thousand personally and those companies that have been through his high-intensity training have received over 300 of them. Listen to the recorded phone conversations of his graduates:

All these guys are on LinkedIn. Connect with them. They know what they are doing!

Bonus Expert: MARC PACINO

Marc uses his 35-plus years of experience as a former Senior Contracting Officer, for USARSUPTHAI (US Army Support Thailand) and a Senior Construction & Engineering Contracts Acquisitions Director for Navy Docks & Piers-PACDIV at Subic Bay. Philippines (PACDIV), to assist his clients strategic approaches and pursue their business development objectives.

Here’s Marc’s contact information:

Marc Pacino, Phone 949-295-3312
CEO & Principal
Ambiente Federal Services
Anthem Federal Consulting
Las Vegas, NV 89117

Connect with Marc here:


At $90,000/month profit, Jeff asked, “Am I Making Too Much Money?”  What would you have said?

At $90,000/month profit, Jeff asked, “Am I Making Too Much Money?” What would you have said?

“Damn”, Jeff realized that the government was going to find out;

He was making $90,000/month.

What will you do when it happens to you?




The phone rang, it was Jeff Williams. “What’s going on?” I asked.

He was deeply concerned as he said,

“What happens when the government finds out that

I’m making $90,000/month profit on one of our federal contracts?”


Below is an “insider” email: Confirmation of the conversation with one of the graduates of the “Advanced Federal Construction Training” Workshops:

[ See Jeff talking about his training  HERE]

From: “Doug Reitmeyer”  <>
Subject: [info] Your New Bureau of Land Management (BLM) contract
To: “Jeff Williams”

Hi Jeff, This email is a confirmation of our phone discussion today.  You called about your first BLM contract pay request for $190,000, being sent to the Contracting Officer (CO) today.

Your concern was that, under the terms of your federal contract, the BLM requires that you fill out forms that will tell the BLM how much of the $190,000 they are paying you, is being paid to which specific subs and suppliers.

You are only paying out $100,000 of the $190,000.

Thus the BLM is going to know that Joe Funk Construction is making about $90,000 in margin this month on your contract. And because it is a unit priced contract they’ll know that you’ll be making $90,000/month for the life of the contract; nearly half of the full contract price is profit.  What if you are asked to explain the huge profit margin?

OK – I got the picture and understand your concern.  Here’s what I explained to you:

First – it is OK to make A LOT of money on a federal contract, so there is no need to suffer guilt. My $960,000 Walter Reed Army Medical Center contract cost $308,000 to complete, so the profit on that job was $652,000 – a whopping 68% of the contract!   Our bonding company, when they saw the numbers, actually asked if we were laundering drug money (in all fairness, the job was in Washington DC when its Mayor, Marion Barry, was jailed for drug possession and use).

Like I said, it is OK to make A LOT of money in this business and you don’t have to explain it – you are just really good at what you do because you learned how to greatly increase margins and revenues by “The Industry Expert”, Doug Reitmeyer.

Given the fact that your BLM project was competitively bid and you were the low bidder by $4,000, Uncle Sam has already received the benefit of competition in the marketplace.

Second – Understand the agency budget – over $1.1 Billion.  Get familiar with each agency you work with and let them know that you have studied what they need and why they need it. Explain to every BLM employee that you want to be a valuable resource for them.  Over time they might surprise you with a request to take over a project for them.

Building relationships with Federal procurement officials brought me many millions of dollars in contracts that never went out for bid. A couple of the attachments to this email should help you to become conversant in the language of the BLM budget, requirements and goals.

Third – the more money Joe Funk Construction makes from doing federal contracts, the more resources it will put toward the effort to get more of them.  That’s a BIG PLUS for us taxpayers; We want and need competition.  Profits always breed competition, so high profits are very good for the economy.

That all said, I really want you to know how proud I am that you came to the Workshop, took notes, followed through with the phone calls, attended the webinar and followed the Blueprint exactly as it was laid out for you.  And your first six months results of over 42% average profit margin and more than $480,000 profit have been even more impressive than my average over the past 35 years; Commendable indeed!

Attached are some of my comments regarding the “Sales Dance” as posted on the LinkedIn “Construction Business Owners” Group.

All the best to your continued success with our program,

Doug Reitmeyer, Phone 512-260-4008

cc:  Rusty Norris, President, Joe Funk Construction Engineers, Inc.

Attachments:  Doug Reitmeyer’s “The Selling Dance”
BLM Budget
What they say . .


Do You Need Convincing? Watch the brief videos:

You can see Jeff in this original “end of Workshop” video:

Then again in these two videos after his 2nd time attending the Workshop:

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* Six months after putting our systems into their business, Rusty sent this email:


Since May 1st JFCE has bid 20 federal projects. We have won 3 projects totaling $1,139,618. Our anticipated profit on these projects is 42.6%. If we can continue at this pace, we will consider our first year in the federal market an outstanding success.

By comparison, we have just completed $12.7 million in DISD school renovations at a 6% profit margin.

Thank you very much for helping JFCE get started in the federal market, and thank you for your continued support since the workshop.”

Rusty Norris, President
Joe Funk Construction
Dallas, Texas 75229
972-406-5206 Direct



BLM Budget

What They Say About The Advanced Federal Construction Workshop

The Selling Dance

GOVERNMENT CONSTRUCTION: New Resources for Getting Highly Profitable U.S. Federal Contracts

GOVERNMENT CONSTRUCTION: New Resources for Getting Highly Profitable U.S. Federal Contracts

New Resources in Government Construction

For government construction professionals interested in getting highly profitable U.S. Federal Contracts, here’s several new resources…

  1. The “Government Construction Experts” hang out at LinkedIn Group “Federal Construction Professionals”
  2. The top trainers and consultants have launched a YouTube Channelwith more than 50 videos.
  3. Google “Government Construction Experts” to find out more about what they do for contractors and subcontractors.
  4. Visit GC Experts  to learn more about attending the most powerful federal construction training in the world.

Small businesses face issues by being unprepared. To be awarded federal contracts, everything about the company impacts their success rate. This includes bidding on the right projects and having the right partners to work with. Those are two of the main reasons businesses fail or succeed.

Only by learning that its a vicious cycle do they realize that they could have come to recognized experts at the start. Having the right people allowed several contractors to not only get the job done, but achieve success above and beyond what was initially expected.

PS – To be even more motivated, listen to Mike Brasberger tell his story of life after joining GC Experts in the recorded phone conversation here:

And David Snodgrass of Snodgrass Construction will tell how he got $10 million in new federal contracts over the previous 60 days here:

GCExperts Workshop Video # 12

Joe Call explains how he went from $500K bonding to $15 million in less than 60 days in two recorded phone conversations here:

GCExperts Workshop Video # 10

And the story of how Carlos went from being a Houston, TX home builder to a national federal contractor is here:

GCExperts Workshop Video # 11

Federal Contracts: “Philosophy” literally means “Love of Wisdom”

Federal Contracts: “Philosophy” literally means “Love of Wisdom”


The real purpose of business isn’t what most people think; it’s not to make cash.

Yes, cash is the life blood of a business, but it is not “The Purpose of Your Business”.


“The Purpose of Your Business”

Adopt the following philosophy as your purpose for being in business, and watch it improve. Here are the three parts:

A) To find or create a customer or client who has a need or desire for a product or service that you can provide to the level of their expectation(s).

B) They must have the money to exchange for what they need or desire, and

C) They must be willing to trade or exchange their money when they are satisfied that you have met their expectation(s).

This “Philosophy” makes the focus on creating a win-win agreement. Use this script,

“The purpose of our business is to create win-win agreements that meet the expectations of our clients. We do that by focusing first on understanding their wants, needs and/or desires, then developing a timely plan to exceed their expectations of value.”

Make an “up front” contract with the client that you both agree to work together to achieve the results they want. This is “The Buy-In” part of getting them to adopt my philosophy.

Once you have created a new customer and been awarded a contract, the “PURPOSE OF YOUR BUSINESS” changes. THE NEW PURPOSE BECOMES:





There are three key parts to continually improve upon:

First – Identifying the right clients; the ones that pay you! You must know with precision exactly who your best clients are and where to find them. Two of the main reasons we love doing federal contracts are, by law, they must make construction progress payments monthly and within 14 days; it’s called the Prompt Payment Act. With Federal Contracts, we never have to worry about the money, and it’s easy to find solicitations for the contracts that they want to award!

Second – Conversion: You must have a fool-proof method of getting the potential client to become a customer.

Third – Keeping and increasing the value of each new customer.










If you think that the game of business is something just between you and the potential customer, you are dead wrong. All business is between you, the potential customer, and all the other companies that are capable of providing what the potential customer wants or needs; it’s called “competition”.

That’s right; you must recognize your competition every time you venture out to convert a potential client into a customer. And that means every time you turn in a bid to the government or anyone else. Loss of “purpose” will cause loss of customers to your competitors; it happens every day.





C) THEY PAY PEOPLE TO INVEST THAT MONEY BY AWARDING HIGHLY PROFITABLE CONTRACTS! (Understand that it’s not “their” money; It’s our money!)

By focusing your business on federal contracts, you don’t have to worry about B) or C)!

Over the past 30 months, the 38 contractors and subcontractors that have been trained on how to best adopt this philosophy have received more than $330 million in highly profitable government contracts. They have joined an exclusive “Membership” program that now spans Alaska to Florida, New York to Hawaii and most places in between. See what they are saying about it in the brief videos here:


Avaliable via Phone or Email

Doug Reitmeyer

(512) 750-2677


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My mission is to help others find incredible success in federal construction.

BONDING – HUGE JUMP CAPACITY: How Joe Call of Buffalo, NY Got it Done!

BONDING – HUGE JUMP CAPACITY: How Joe Call of Buffalo, NY Got it Done!

From $500K Bonding to $15 million in less than 60 days

Listen to Joe explain in how he got bonding in less than 60 days in Video No. 10 at


On May 2012, Day 1 of Federal Construction Workshop, Doug Reitmeyer interviewed Joe Call of Call Associates in Buffalo, NY and Marc Donnot of Apsalooke Contracting in Billings, MT. After learning about the 8(A) program, Joe decided to go into government contracting himself. He knew that there was a way to be successful in the government business, and was impressed by Doug’s program. One of Marc’s big takeaways from the workshop was how to communicate and get the desired response.