GOVERNMENT CONSTRUCTION: New Resources for Getting Highly Profitable U.S. Federal Contracts

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New Resources in Government Construction

For government construction professionals interested in getting highly profitable U.S. Federal Contracts, here’s several new resources…

  1. The “Government Construction Experts” hang out at LinkedIn Group “Federal Construction Professionals”
  2. The top trainers and consultants have launched a YouTube Channelwith more than 50 videos.
  3. Google “Government Construction Experts” to find out more about what they do for contractors and subcontractors.
  4. Visit GC Experts  to learn more about attending the most powerful federal construction training in the world.

Small businesses face issues by being unprepared. To be awarded federal contracts, everything about the company impacts their success rate. This includes bidding on the right projects and having the right partners to work with. Those are two of the main reasons businesses fail or succeed.

Only by learning that its a vicious cycle do they realize that they could have come to recognized experts at the start. Having the right people allowed several contractors to not only get the job done, but achieve success above and beyond what was initially expected.

PS – To be even more motivated, listen to Mike Brasberger tell his story of life after joining GC Experts in the recorded phone conversation here:

And David Snodgrass of Snodgrass Construction will tell how he got $10 million in new federal contracts over the previous 60 days here:

GCExperts Workshop Video # 12

Joe Call explains how he went from $500K bonding to $15 million in less than 60 days in two recorded phone conversations here:

GCExperts Workshop Video # 10

And the story of how Carlos went from being a Houston, TX home builder to a national federal contractor is here:

GCExperts Workshop Video # 11

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