Brief History


1968 Climbed the Golden Gate Bridge; Sailed to Hawaii
1970 Drafted into the U.S. Army; Sent to nuclear weapons school
1971 Rode Harleys coast-to-coast for the U.S. Army
1973 Honorable Discharge – Started construction career
1981 Contract to install Chillers in the building where the FAA trains
air-traffic controllers (Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center)
1983 FAA paid $300,000 to settle delay & other damages
1986 Only bidder 3 times to install new cooling towers on the Federal Building
in San Fransisco – Project completed using a helicopter for 35% profit
1987 Selected by NASA to renovate Freonization Trans-sonic wind tunnel
in Langley Air Force Base, VA for 36% profit
1993 Selected by USACOE for $10,000,000+ EPA SuperFund clean-up
at Tinker Air Force Base, OK
1998 USACOE Contractor of the Year Award
2003 Replaced 500,000 gallon water tower – Langley Air Force Base
2009 Number of contracts completed: over 1,000
2010 Keynote speaker at Construction Expos in Houstin and Dallas, Texas
2011 to now Doug created the “Mastering Federal Contracting Workshop