The Top 5 Experts in Federal Construction – Get them on your team!

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“TOP FIVE” EXPERTS in Federal Construction – Get them on your team! Please share YOUR favorite Industry Expert and tell us WHY we need them.

Madison Leeper has been doing research and talking with various contractors and experts. Here is her first try at delivering the results of her investigations. Please comment with your suggestion of the best federal construction experts you know and tell us why you recommend them.


As a business adviser to the construction industry since 1998, Doug has develop a proven step-by-step process (The Just Rewards Plan) to improve the profits of your construction company.  If your construction company is not making as much money as it should call Doug Phelps, 386-585-4624

Company website,

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Builder” here:


Travis Bontrager is an expert at creating and implementing online strategies for construction professionals which result in more construction projects for each client.  Travis is also the host of, BOSS Association, a Commercial Construction Web Show where he interviews construction industry experts from across the country.

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Larry is a consultant that, when you bring him on-board, will help you develop a long-term business plan, will hold your feet to the plan and twist your arm to follow it. Wes Reeder ( was $5 million/yr and Larry has him at $20MM and on a continued growth curve. Larry’s proven model is to envision the future and then make it happen.

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Jacob has another unique approach as described at There are only a few tickets left to get into his annual conference – get your tickets here:

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Doug’s niche is the federal market – no one will get you a federal contract faster. He’s done over a thousand personally and those companies that have been through his high-intensity training have received over 300 of them. Listen to the recorded phone conversations of his graduates:

All these guys are on LinkedIn. Connect with them. They know what they are doing!

Bonus Expert: MARC PACINO

Marc uses his 35-plus years of experience as a former Senior Contracting Officer, for USARSUPTHAI (US Army Support Thailand) and a Senior Construction & Engineering Contracts Acquisitions Director for Navy Docks & Piers-PACDIV at Subic Bay. Philippines (PACDIV), to assist his clients strategic approaches and pursue their business development objectives.

Here’s Marc’s contact information:

Marc Pacino, Phone 949-295-3312
CEO & Principal
Ambiente Federal Services
Anthem Federal Consulting
Las Vegas, NV 89117

Connect with Marc here:


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