Crushing the Competition – Henry Ford did it with the assembly line, and guess who’s about to do it to you . . .

Crushing the Competition – Henry Ford did it with the assembly line, and guess who’s about to do it to you . . .

 The Federal Construction Expert’s latest insights on “Crushing the Competition”


Crushing the Competition in the Federal Construction Industry – Henry Ford did it with the assembly line, Michael Dell enhanced Henry’s innovation to go from nothing to a multi-billionaire, and guess who’s about to do it to you . . .

They’re suave, smooth talkers, tech-savvy and collaborative. And if you
don’t prepare yourself now, you’ll be eating the dirt they leave behind.
Ignore this insight and you’ll be left with fighting over the
unprofitable scraps of projects they aren’t interested in.

It’s time to wake up and smell the smoke before the fire consumes everything you’ve invested in because . . .

This is not your dad or grandfather’s world anymore; and the construction industry is never going to be like it was.

Only the very smart are going to survive with things you don’t even know about because you’ve never heard of them.


1. They are using technology to track every project, every bidder and every awarded contract.

2. By using sophisticated software, they are analyzing the information
to determine your management capabilities, bonding limits, the type of
contracts you’ve been making money on and, based on subversive
conversations, cooperative insiders, clandestine recruiters and hacking
techniques, they are learning what your weaknesses are.

3. If they haven’t already done so, they’ll be disrupting your business
plans by underbidding your bread and butter contracts and getting in
tight the construction procurement teams you have been counting on to
get paid

4. As they gain power and stature, they’ll be cherry-picking the best
talent from your company and supplementing them with the top graduates
of the best universities.


A. Old tools aren’t working anymore. Just like the nail and screw gun
replaced the hammer and screw-driver, Google replaced the Yellow Pages,
if you’re not invested in staying ahead of the competition, you’re
falling behind them.

B. Survival in a capitalist society favors the lean and mean. Bloated
companies running with legacy systems and unmotivated people can no
longer compete.

C. Most contractors, faced with declining revenues and profits, turn
into “opportunity seekers” instead of strategists and innovators. If you
spend all your time trying to cash-flow your business by seeking
short-term opportunities, you’ll be crushed by the savvy strategic

Consider what engineer Charles Kettering said,

“If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.”

Henry Ford


First, start with a clean sheet of paper and get serious about your business processes.

This quote from Harvard Business School professor, Dr. Andrew McAfee, explains why:

“Our research shows that creating an innovative business process is more
important to business success than developing a new product or
investing in tools or equipment.”

The key here is “more important to business success” . . . The most
important thing you can do to survive, thrive and bypass the struggles
of opportunity seekers is not investing in new products, tools or

You must invest in creating an innovative business process that will set
you apart from your competitors and give you the edge going into any
deal or when going after any opportunity.

Strategic application of superior knowledge, unique tools, templates and
refined technologies is a game-changer. See what your peers are saying
about the results.

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Ryan Reitmeyer, Ph 512-260-4008

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Federal Contracts: Stop Spinning Your Wheels . .

Federal Contracts: Stop Spinning Your Wheels . .

Are you “Spinning Your Wheels” when it comes to Federal Contracts???

I had just turned 16, received a drivers license, talked my mother into ‘borrowing’ her VW Beetle, then drove it down to the beach in Monterrey, CA. Within just a few minutes the car was stuck in the sand. While I was working the gas pedal and clutch, my friend tried to use my algebra book as a friction platform. Not only was that useless, the spinning tire shredded the cover and most of the pages.

After about 15 minutes of getting almost no where, a large group of kids
on the beach were recruited to help out. Collectively, we literally
picked up the small car and carried it, a few feet at a time, back to
pavement. Arriving home over an hour late, at first my parents were
upset . . . until I showed them my text book. We laugh about it now, but
at the time I suffered intense anxiety and frustration.

In today’s world of hyper-construction business competition, you may
feel that you are “spinning your wheels” and not getting the real
results that you deserve. So what’s keeping you from recruiting a couple
of industry experts to help you get traction in this market?

Ego? You think you can figure it out by yourself? Hey, has the last year
been better or worse – in other words, “How is that working out for

Financially challenged? If you are in business, you already know you’re
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There is someone who has been where you are at, and figured out the
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