Contract Bidding: A Breakthrough Strategy for Your Business

On what basis does your company turn in their contract bidding $ amount? Do you bid based on cost plus overhead and profit, or value in the market?

Took me about 10 years to figure out I could make a lot more money once I knew what the customer considered was the value of what he wanted. Value has very little to do with price.

Anyone can sell on price, but that is difficult because then you are in direct competition with most of the other contractors . . . Put two fighters in a ring and they’ll both come out bloody and beaten up.

People buy based on their perception of value. It takes someone trained in estimating and psychology to sell based on value. Brief videos of the results of this type of training are posted here:


Doug Reitmeyer

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Crushing the Competition – Henry Ford did it with the assembly line, and guess who’s about to do it to you . . .

Crushing the Competition – Henry Ford did it with the assembly line, and guess who’s about to do it to you . . .

 The Federal Construction Expert’s latest insights on “Crushing the Competition”


Crushing the Competition in the Federal Construction Industry – Henry Ford did it with the assembly line, Michael Dell enhanced Henry’s innovation to go from nothing to a multi-billionaire, and guess who’s about to do it to you . . .

They’re suave, smooth talkers, tech-savvy and collaborative. And if you
don’t prepare yourself now, you’ll be eating the dirt they leave behind.
Ignore this insight and you’ll be left with fighting over the
unprofitable scraps of projects they aren’t interested in.

It’s time to wake up and smell the smoke before the fire consumes everything you’ve invested in because . . .

This is not your dad or grandfather’s world anymore; and the construction industry is never going to be like it was.

Only the very smart are going to survive with things you don’t even know about because you’ve never heard of them.


1. They are using technology to track every project, every bidder and every awarded contract.

2. By using sophisticated software, they are analyzing the information
to determine your management capabilities, bonding limits, the type of
contracts you’ve been making money on and, based on subversive
conversations, cooperative insiders, clandestine recruiters and hacking
techniques, they are learning what your weaknesses are.

3. If they haven’t already done so, they’ll be disrupting your business
plans by underbidding your bread and butter contracts and getting in
tight the construction procurement teams you have been counting on to
get paid

4. As they gain power and stature, they’ll be cherry-picking the best
talent from your company and supplementing them with the top graduates
of the best universities.


A. Old tools aren’t working anymore. Just like the nail and screw gun
replaced the hammer and screw-driver, Google replaced the Yellow Pages,
if you’re not invested in staying ahead of the competition, you’re
falling behind them.

B. Survival in a capitalist society favors the lean and mean. Bloated
companies running with legacy systems and unmotivated people can no
longer compete.

C. Most contractors, faced with declining revenues and profits, turn
into “opportunity seekers” instead of strategists and innovators. If you
spend all your time trying to cash-flow your business by seeking
short-term opportunities, you’ll be crushed by the savvy strategic

Consider what engineer Charles Kettering said,

“If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.”

Henry Ford


First, start with a clean sheet of paper and get serious about your business processes.

This quote from Harvard Business School professor, Dr. Andrew McAfee, explains why:

“Our research shows that creating an innovative business process is more
important to business success than developing a new product or
investing in tools or equipment.”

The key here is “more important to business success” . . . The most
important thing you can do to survive, thrive and bypass the struggles
of opportunity seekers is not investing in new products, tools or

You must invest in creating an innovative business process that will set
you apart from your competitors and give you the edge going into any
deal or when going after any opportunity.

Strategic application of superior knowledge, unique tools, templates and
refined technologies is a game-changer. See what your peers are saying
about the results.

Get it at the: “Advanced Federal Construction Training” Workshop


Ryan Reitmeyer, Ph 512-260-4008

PS – The next Workshop is scheduled for May 22-24. 2013. Call to see if you qualify for an invitation.

What’s A Better Way of Making Money Than Counting Cards? – The Movie “21” vs. The Construction Business

What’s A Better Way of Making Money Than Counting Cards? – The Movie “21” vs. The Construction Business

Advice for Federal Contractors trying to get Contracts

An article for Federal Contractors: Based on a true story, in the movie “21”, students take the casinos for thousands by “counting” the cards.

THE STORY: It begins at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts in the University
mathematics classroom. The professor, Micky Rosa, played in the movie by
Kevin Spacy, explains how mathematics can help them become wealthy. The
students challenge the prof and he proceeds to explain how to use math
to “Beat the Casinos” in the game of Blackjack. Using a technique called
“counting cards”, you can predict future card plays based on past
results, thereby gaining an “unfair advantage” against the house.

Eventually they all get “caught” and today all gambling houses and
casinos make it a lot harder to “count the cards” by putting multiple
decks into the shuffler and using bio-metrics to catch card counters.

Card counting and the construction business used to be lucrative. But
just as the casinos changed the game for card counters, the economy has
changed the rules for contractors and subcontractors. Today, for most,
the construction business isn’t making the kind of money it once was . .
. Until now . . .

Suppose that there was a way to create an “unfair advantage” in the
construction business; one that would greatly increase profits?

What “superior” knowledge would you need, where could you get it, and could you actually utilize it to create great wealth?

Where can you get “Superior Knowledge” that is perfectly legal so it can be done without the fear of getting “caught”?

THE ANSWER for those that are interested, . . just take the time now to check it out now.

START WITH: You invested in years of schooling to get you the job or
business you are now part of. It has people following business processes
that are designed to sustain your company.

But things change and the old way of doing business doesn’t work like it used to.

THINGS CHANGE: Almost nobody uses the phone book anymore and the maps
that used to be sold at all gas stations have been replaced with high
energy drinks. And if your business model isn’t working anymore, you
need to remember the old phrase,

“Keep doing what you’ve always done, and you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Except even that phrase is outdated because no matter what you seem to
be doing, you’re getting less and less than you used to, and your
working more and more just trying to keep cash flow positive.

THE ANSWER: I recently wrote an article, “There’s A New Breed of
Contractor and He’s Going to Kick Your A$$. Here’s How He’s Going To Do


If you are interested in getting a copy to help increase your profits or
to turn your business around, watch a few of the brief videos at

Then visit the $100,000 Letter website [ ] and sign up on the form. Once you have subscribed, the article will be sent to you by email.

What we do in the way of training contractors and subcontractors is so
unique that most of you will think it is impossible, just like most
people thought there was no way to beat the casinos. A math teacher
proved everyone wrong and I do the same when it comes to showing
companies how to rapidly get high margin federal contracts.

Here’s where you can discover the road to “Superior Knowledge” that will
take you and your business to a whole new level of growth through
increased profitability:

This website features “Live ‘chat’ with an Expert” so you get valuable
information in real time. Go ahead, try it out for yourself.

Questions? Email or call 512-750-2677

PS – Over the past 30 months, the 38 graduates of our program have
received more than $330 million in highly profitable federal contracts.
Two of them made the coveted “Inc. 500” list of fastest growing
companies in America. Real Solutions that result in Real Contracts; the
Government Construction Experts deliver results:

Federal Contracts: Stop Spinning Your Wheels . .

Federal Contracts: Stop Spinning Your Wheels . .

Are you “Spinning Your Wheels” when it comes to Federal Contracts???

I had just turned 16, received a drivers license, talked my mother into ‘borrowing’ her VW Beetle, then drove it down to the beach in Monterrey, CA. Within just a few minutes the car was stuck in the sand. While I was working the gas pedal and clutch, my friend tried to use my algebra book as a friction platform. Not only was that useless, the spinning tire shredded the cover and most of the pages.

After about 15 minutes of getting almost no where, a large group of kids
on the beach were recruited to help out. Collectively, we literally
picked up the small car and carried it, a few feet at a time, back to
pavement. Arriving home over an hour late, at first my parents were
upset . . . until I showed them my text book. We laugh about it now, but
at the time I suffered intense anxiety and frustration.

In today’s world of hyper-construction business competition, you may
feel that you are “spinning your wheels” and not getting the real
results that you deserve. So what’s keeping you from recruiting a couple
of industry experts to help you get traction in this market?

Ego? You think you can figure it out by yourself? Hey, has the last year
been better or worse – in other words, “How is that working out for

Financially challenged? If you are in business, you already know you’re
spending money every month just to survive. The fact is, when you bring
in a team of experts, you’ll discover that it is costing you far more
not to have access to the over $250,000 worth of training, tools,
templates and technologies that will forever change life and business
than to be suffering without them.

There is someone who has been where you are at, and figured out the
solution to every business problem you have and will ever have in the
federal construction business. But don’t take my word for it, see what
your peers are saying about it here:

The next high-intensity, 3-day Workshop will be in Austin, Texas, this
March 5-7. The Workshop is limited to 6 tickets/12 people (2 people per
ticket) and the first four tickets have already been taken.

If you are serious about “Stop Spinning Your Wheels” in regards to Federal Contracts: here’s my guarantee:

This upcoming Workshop will be the most advanced and powerful
construction business training that has ever been delivered. And if you
don’t think so, for any reason, just ask for your money back. That’s
right, if you are accepted into the Workshop, your investment to attend
is at ZERO risk to you, 100% to me.

You owe it to yourself, your family and your employees to discover why
we call this the “Most Powerful Federal Construction Business Training
Ever Created” and see if you qualify for an invitation.

Simply call me at 512-750-2677 or email and set 15
minutes aside for us to talk about you and your business to see if it
makes sense for you to join our exclusive program.

Sincerely, Doug Reitmeyer (Google “Who is Doug Reitmeyer?” to learn more)

PS – If you are on LinkedIn, please connect with me here:

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Quote of the day:

“An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Next year, you will be more disappointed by what you didn’t do than by
the action you take today. Call (512) 750-2677 and let’s get you on the
right track and moving in the right direction to succeed.

FEDERAL CONSTRUCTION: How a Houston, Texas home builder is taking money right out of your pockets…

FEDERAL CONSTRUCTION: How a Houston, Texas home builder is taking money right out of your pockets…

Hey! Federal Construction Professionals Are You Hitting Gold Yet???

It’s just like the mining days of old, when you staked your claim and began to dig. If you hit gold, it was your shortcut to success. If you quit digging before you hit gold, it was costly and a waste of time. So, for You:

This post is either BAD NEWS or GOOD NEWS.

It is BAD NEWS if you just glance it over and navigate to another page.

This is GOOD NEWS if you study it, visit the links at the bottom of this blog post, and then start your own investigation to determine…



…and then take action to line your pockets with it.


Carlos’s Story

Here’s the brief story of the transformation of Carlos Bazbaz from a Houston home builder into a National Federal Contractor. Over the past two years, Carlos has already found, bid or negotiation more than 20 federal contracts from Vermont to Hawaii.

Along the way he has been taking contracts away from you. Yes, contractors, the same contracts that you bid on, Carlos got them.

See this brief video of his story:

Here’s the link to just one of the seven contract awards to Carlos:

Here is the press release:  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – LANTERRA

If you want to accelerate your earnings in the federal construction business, watch the videos at


Talk to any of the 41 contractors that have been through this program and who, over the past 32 months, have received over $340 million in highly profitable federal contracts, then give me a call at (512) 750-2677.



Doug Reitmeyer

Co-Creator: Federal Construction Magazine

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1969 Golden Gate Bridge

In 1969 Doug Reitmeyer, with his best friend, Steve Booth, climbed up to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. He purchased bundles of equipment including rope and metal clips from a local hardware store, and drove to the observation area on the Marin County side of the bridge at 2:30 a.m. Booth and Reitmeyer walked out onto the bridge when no cars were in sight, and jumped up onto the cables. They had little difficulty getting on the cables, but their hooks did not fit. They fussed around with them for awhile but, and then figured out quickly that the safety gear they had would not be useable, but this didn’t stop them. They decided to ascend with no safety gear….

Click here to read more…Golden Gate Story

Show Me the Money – The Opportunity in Federal Construction

Show Me the Money – The Opportunity in Federal Construction

There’s no question that the federal construction industry has been hit and hit hard by the economic downturn. And I’m not the only one tired of hearing that. Contractors, builders, and their families want something that shows a way out. They need hope and are looking with increasingly anxious eyes to Uncle Sam.

In response, our government has taken steps to revitalize construction, beginning with last year’s passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). With $137 billion of the $787 billion package allocated for construction, there was an expectation that much of the crisis would be alleviated. Then reality hit. The obvious had been overlooked: few contractors had been trained on how to access and bid the thousands of ARRA-funded opportunities.

As a result, many of those much-needed contracts were never awarded. And just like the year before, when $47 Billion of government contracts were not awarded because no one bid on them, the lack of a step-by-step guide for contractors blunted the effect of the ARRA stimulus money.

Caught in a declining economy and without the know-how that would allow them to access government contracts, construction businesses had to, as one contractor put it in a recent Austin American-Statesman article ( ), “take it on the chin”: cut overhead, lay off employees, and reduce profit margins. Over the past year, private work has become hyper-competitive, with dozens of builders bidding on what little work has been available.

Federal construction contracting, on the other hand, is the only segment of the construction industry that remains well-funded and active. Those contractors that were registered and qualified to bid on federal construction projects were witness to an unprecedented level of activity and opportunity.

For example: In September 2009, the last month of the government’s fiscal year, there were over 770 federal construction opportunities posted at, Uncle Sam’s public website for all federal purchases over $25,000. With a limited number of qualified bidders, and all sizes and types of projects available, many of the contracts had little or no competition.

Margins on federal construction projects are at an all-time high. I’ll be giving the keynote speech at the Dallas Construction Expo ( ), where I hope to help companies get the government contracts they qualify for. A review of the most recent contracts I’ve helped companies win shows that my clients were the only bidders in four out of five awards.

In my 35 years of doing government contracts, there has never been a down-turn or slow-down in the federal construction market. There has always been a steady stream of contract opportunities coming out of Washington because our government has so many facilities to maintain. But due to the rapid increase in federal spending, there have been way more contract opportunities than there are qualified contractors to take advantage of them.

For example, take a contract we recently won in Scotia, NY for the Air National Guard. It was a fairly simple job and we were the only bidder. Our bid was higher than they had budgeted for, but they needed the work completed as soon as possible. They came back and negotiated an amount that worked for both of us, rather than put the contract back out for rebid.

One client company, Four Star Construction, won the contract to replace safety lifts at historic Lincoln Park, the original home of President Abraham Lincoln. Four Star was the only qualified bidder to bid. The project was fairly routine, but it did require approval drawings and special color selections to match the décor of the home. The cost of additional paperwork on federal contracts like this is offset by the higher margins that are typically possible on government work.

The competition for jobs in the federal construction arena is much weaker than it should be given the economy because most contractors simply do not know how to qualify for and get government construction work. With President Obama’s recently announced $3.8 trillion budget for the next fiscal year, this trend is certain to continue for some time.

The one thing that contractors should absolutely do right now is get registered and get qualified. With federal construction opportunities at an all-time high, there is no better time to add Uncle Sam as a client. Find a mentor, go to every available training course on the subject. Start contacting every federal agency in your area to see what funds they are mandated to spend.

To qualify for consideration for federal contracts, contractors first have to register with the government. This, like many things involving the government, can be a challenging process. However, the rewards can be remarkable.

Once registered, the contractor can go online and start browsing available opportunities, decide which projects to bid on and how much to bid them for. The best way to navigate the vast array of government jobs available is through one of the services that help filter the over 11,000 new purchase requests that the Feds send out for review every day. For contractors, builders, subcontractors, and suppliers, I recommend the sorting services of BidTrakker.

In order to survive and thrive on federal construction funds, constructors may have to navigate unfamiliar territory that can be confusing for those not already experts at qualifying for and getting federal construction business. Those constructors interested (and given the current market, what constructor or builder wouldn’t be?) should start with a plan: consider attending a workshop.

I host my own Federal Construction Profits Workshop, which covers the subject from finding the right opportunities, to bidding them, to getting them bought out, completed, and paid for. I bring more than 35 years of federal construction contracting experience with me to these classes. With over 1,000 contracts worth over $1 billion completed, I train others the way to make the above-average profits that I’ve enjoyed during my long career.

With Uncle Sam as a client, and access to the flood of federal construction funds pouring out of Washington, Contractors may do more than simply survive the recession; they just might flourish.

Next time: tune in for how and why to form a corporation.

Why and How to Form a Corporation

So now that I’ve introduced myself and talked about the enormous opportunities involved in doing contracting work for Uncle Sam, I’m going to talk a little about why and how to form a corporation for doing government contracting. A more comprehensive guide to incorporating and registering your new business with the federal government can be found at:

If you’re interested in doing construction for the federal government, you must form a legal entity. Even if you’re a one-man-or-woman-show, I’d recommend starting a corporation due to the liability protection. If you already have a company, I’d advise you for tax reasons not to mix government and non-government revenues within the same corporation, so you might want to start another corporation just for your federal work.

Briefly, the steps you need to take to set up your own corporation are:

1. Pick your company name, check availability, and reserve it
2. Decide on your corporate structure and officers
3. Set up your corporation with the Secretary of State
4. Order your corporate paperwork and seal
5. Get your federal ID number
6. Get your Dun & Bradstreet number
7. Get your resale certificate
8. File with any necessary state taxing agencies
9. Open a corporate checking and/or MM account

So that’s a brief outline of what steps you need to take to get your own corporation started so that you can bid lucrative government contracts.

Next time, I’ll cover the final part of the registration process: now that you have your corporation, how to register with the government as a qualified contractor.

Getting Started with Federal Construction

Getting Started with Federal Construction

Contact us

Hello my fellow contractors, I’m told it’s customary in a first blog post (this one) to introduce myself and lay out a plan, so here goes: I’m Doug Reitmeyer, a federal government construction contractor, father of two, and long-time lover of Jonathan Livingston Seagull (among many, many other things).

I’ve been doing federal construction contracting for over 35 years and started after getting out of the Army in 1972. I truly love building things – designing & building from the ground up or remodeling – and I particularly like the industrial jobs. Projects from early in my career include: installing a cooling tower, HVAC units, and building an underground tunnel, pipe system and new chillers for the building where they train air traffic controllers for the FAA. I may elaborate on those stories in later blog posts.

Uncle Sam has been very good to me over the years, and I’ve completed more than a thousand federal construction contracts worth over a billion dollars – many projects both large and small. If you’re interested in government construction, then the posts on this blog will be a great resource. The purpose is to provide information that is both entertaining and useful for you, so if there’s anything in particular that you’d like to respond to, just leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

My next post will be about the enormous opportunity available to contractors who are registered with the U.S. Government to bid on federal contracts. After that we’ll discuss why and how to form a corporation for doing government contracting, and an explanation of what you need to do to register your company with the federal government. Later, you’ll see photos and read stories about real contracts just to give you further insight into this business and a perspective that you cannot get from anyone else.

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Much of the basics have been briefly covered in videos over at our Government Construction Experts website (, so if you want to dive right in, then go ahead and click that link.

While construction has been a large part of my life, it’s not the only thing has been consuming neuronal energy, so don’t be surprised if I occasionally talk about what’s really most important to me – my family. Concern for the welfare of my wife, kids (they’re not really “kids” anymore) and extended family was the driving force of my ambitions. And life was clicking along at an ever-increasing pace until my youngest son was in a horrific boating accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury (a/k/a: “TBI”). There is a lot of information about our support and his amazing determination to recover on the Internet and on Youtube, and ABC-TV even did a special report and follow-up story a couple of years ago.

My high school and college background was physics, math, and chemistry. I learned electronics at IBM and from working with my father who retired from IBM after 42 years. In addition, I was trained in nuclear weapons electronics in the US Army, so I’ll probably go off on some tangents here and there about stuff that you might think is cool. However, this blog will be mostly about federal government construction contracting and I certainly don’t want to waste any of your time or lose your interest. So at the beginning of each post, I’ll let you know right up front if I’ll be discussing something else at the time.

On last note for the day – about the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. If you haven’t read it, consider this an emphatic recommendation. You can easily finish it in an hour or two and it brings new meaning every time I go back to it. The overarching theme of the book is this: The main obstacle between you and your success is you. Your beliefs about your own limitations hold you back more than anything else, so BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough or let doubt and fear stop you from achieving your goals. You are a self-fulfilling prophecy, for better or worse, so just do your best, learn all you can from the mistakes and successes of others, and if construction is in your blood, YOU CAN BUILD ANYTHING!

If you are already ahead of me or think you know more than I do about federal construction, then let me know and maybe we can collaborate!

And don’t forget to bookmark this page (or add it to your “Favorites”), leave a comment below, and head on over to to get started.

Here’s to keeping your head in the sky and your feet on the ground,

Doug Reitmeyer